What is GMA?
gma2boundariesOn September 1, 2005, HB 1763, passed by the 79th Legislature, became effective. This law offers great changes on how groundwater availability is determined in the state of Texas and where Texans will be getting their water.   This becomes more interesting when the state population is projected to double within the next 50 years.

A groundwater management area (GMA) is an area for managing groundwater resources. Previous to 2001, the main purpose of a GMA was getting petitions to create groundwater conservation districts. Joint planning became the purpose of these GMA's after September 2001 following the 78th Legislative Session. But after the 79th Session and the passage of HB 1763, joint planning became a requirement.

The decisions for current GMA's across the state of Texas include 1.) Groundwater Availability using data collected from regional member districts and 2.) Defining the quantity of allowed groundwater production.

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